Coleman Reacts

Less than two days after winning the Minnesota caucus, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney suspends his campaign. The other day Gov. Tim Pawlenty sounded a bit down on the non-binding Republican caucus, and maybe this shows why.

Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., was first out of the block with a reaction:

want to thank Gov. Romney for his commitment to his nation and his party.
His participation in this historic election gave a strong voice to conservative
ideals that I believe will be carried forward by John McCain. Americans
recognize that our future economic security rests with national security, and
John McCain, better than anyone else in this campaign, recognizes this reality.
Mitt Romney deserves the thanks of Republicans and Americans for his steadfast
belief in the future of our nation. It is clear that Republicans will be able
to, very soon, rally around the candidacy of John McCain and begin presenting
his positive vision for a country in which people can work together to move our
nation forward."