Today’s Veep Watch

Every day brings more talk about Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s vice presidential chances, but Mike Longaecker of the Red Wing Republican Eagle has a couple of new and interesting quotes in a story where the governor says he sees no indication that John McCain is considering him for a running mate.

After a Lake City appearance, Pawlenty continued to say he is focused on being governor. But media across the country — around the world, really — are focused on whether he will be McCain’s running mate.

A Canada Free Press blog shows both sides of a Pawlenty pick, including: "If Sen. McCain does choose Gov. Pawlenty, the GOP should definitely
emphasize his working class roots, his interest in rock music and
everything else that would highlight the flavor of his candidacy. But
it won’t be enough, and McCain needs to do something stronger that
causes real excitement and forces people to look at his campaign."

The Wall Street Journal also takes a look at Pawlenty, with a bit of biographic information for the few people who by now don’t know the governor is a son of a truck driver.