Putting It In Perspective

The New York Times’ Michael Cooper put all this Tim Pawlenty-for-vice president hype in perspective this morning.

Presidential candidate John McCain often calls the Minnesota governor part of the next generation of Republican leaders, something Minnesota observers take to mean Pawlenty is in line to be McCain’s running mate. Not so fast, Cooper says.

"You are a (comparatively) young Republican making a name for
yourself, and your name keeps cropping up on media lists of potential
running mates for Senator John McCain," Cooper wrote. "But with the McCain campaign
playing its cards so close to the vest, it can be maddeningly hard to
figure out where you stand.

"Then you appear publicly in your home state with Mr. McCain, and he
effusively praises you as part of ‘the next generation of leadership.’

"Sounds good, right? But a word of caution, before you start
daydreaming about that reclining seat aboard Air Force Two: He says
that about all the would-be veeps."

Cooper explained that McCain has used similar phrases about Ohio, Louisiana and other politicians.