Not A Gamble

Congressional Quarterly reports that "not everything that
happens in Las Vegas stays in Vegas."

It’s a cute opening to a story about U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman,
R-Minn., and others getting money out of Sin City. U.S. Sen. John Ensign of
Nevada has invited many GOP Senate candidates to Vegas for fundraisers.

"I bring people out and
raise money for them in Nevada that they could never raise anywhere else," Ensign
told Congressional Quarterly. The Vegas benefactors, he added, "only give
because I’m asking them."

Ensign leads the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Coleman has received $126,000 from Nevadans since the first
of 2007.

"We all depend on all our colleagues to chip in," Coleman
said. "Were outgunned. We expect the Dems to raise twice as much. Weve got to
work a little harder at what we do."