Senate Hopefuls On The Web

Some of the long-shot U.S. Senate candidates put up Web sites that tell a lot about them.

A few of the 18 have no site, which in this age makes one wonder whether they are serious candidates. Others, like Jack Uldrich, are relying almost exclusively on their Web presence to get votes.

One of the more interesting sites is that of Dean Barkley, the short-time senator who filled in between Sen. Paul Wellstone’s death and when Norm Coleman took office. It features former Gov. Jesse Ventura.

Rob Fitzgerald launched a Web site on which he says that being young is an advantage because he has a long time to gain seniority in the Senate. He said the same thing when he ran two years ago, but it did not help much.

Dick Franson finally provides voters with a Web site this year after a couple dozen times running for office.

If you want to see pictures of Coleman as a hippie, go to Jack Shepard’s site. He is the candidate running against Coleman from Italy, staying away from Minnesota because of pending Minnesota felony charges.

Darryl Stanton makes a return appearance on the statewide scene with a pretty Web site.

Stephen Williams draws on his farming roots to explain that a prairie fire is needed to clean out Washington.