Coleman: Appeal Will Come Quick

Minnesotans will not have to wait long for former Sen. Norm Coleman’s appeal if he loses his U.S. Senate election lawsuit.

Coleman told a radio show that he would promptly challenge the outcome of the election lawsuit, now in the hands of a three-judge panel.

"You have to file in 10 days," Coleman told Fox News Radio. "We’re going to file quicker than 10 days, I can assure you."

Coleman said he wants votes counted fairly.

"We’re going to push to the Minnesota Supreme Court to make that happen if we have to," he said.

Meanwhile, a leading U.S. Senate analyst said Minnesota’s unresolved Senate race has big implications in Washington. Republicans want to prevent Al Franken from becoming the 59th Democratic senator, which could make it easier for the Obama administration and congressional Democrats to advance their agenda.

"Politics certainly plays a role here," Cook Political Report’s Jennifer Duffy told Minnesota Public Radio.