Coleman Considers Future

Norm Coleman said he is focused on his U.S. Senate election fight, but has thought about his future if he does not return to the Senate.

“I think a little bit about what else is out there, what other types of things I’d like to do,” Coleman said in an interview. “I give that some thought.”

“I’m not wringing my hands over the outcome of this election," he added.

If he loses the Senate race, his future may not be in political office, he said, but likely still would be in public policy.

“I’ll always find some way to be involved in the public discussion, but I can’t tell you that (I would be) involved in political office,” he said. “My focus is not solely on public office.”

Coleman said he has not considered running for any other office if he does not return to the Senate.

“I’m not spending 30 seconds thinking about another election or another office,” he said. “I don’t think about it.”