Swine Flu Tests To Increase

Rocori Supt. Scott Staska and Gov. Tim Pawlenty

Health officials are testing dozens of lab samples from people throughout the state for swine flu while Minnesota responds to its first confirmed case of the spreading influenza strain.

State Health Commissioner Sanne Magnan said Thursday that doctors from around Minnesota have sent to a state laboratory samples from patients with influenza symptoms, to determine whether they have swine flu.

That lab work was under way as state and local health officials searched for information about Minnesota’s first swine flu case, confirmed Thursday morning by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Magnan and Gov. Tim Pawlenty said Minnesota officials are working to contain the number of possible cases, but are prepared to respond to an outbreak.

“You can expect that there will be more cases,” she said at a news conference in the central Minnesota town. “That is not unusual.”

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