State Probes Mexican Flu Link


Some Minnesotans expressed concern whether migrant workers’ families would spread the H1N1 swine flu, even before nine probable state cases were reported.


One H1N1 case has been confirmed. State officials announced eight probable cases Friday, and authorities said they are checking whether at least one of the latest victims contacted anyone who had been to Mexico.

The flu’s apparent Mexican origin led some southwestern Minnesota residents to contact school superintendents earlier this week, wondering whether migrant workers’ children are more likely to carry the illness, said Charlie Kyte of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators.

Health officials said there is no evidence suggesting a segment of the population, such as Mexicans, is any more susceptible to the flu strain.

“There is no reason to believe those communities are at higher risk,” Buddy Ferguson of the state Health Department said of Minnesota cities with a large Mexican population.


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