Un-session Brings Unallotment

Gov. Tim Pawlenty

The 2009 Minnesota Legislature will be remembered as the un-session.

Unruly: As midnight arrived Monday, Republican senators were shouting to be recognized and called the end of the session a shame and a disgrace.

Uncommunicative: In the last few days of the five-month session, when leaders and the governor were supposed to work out a budget deal, they seldom even talked about meeting.

Unchanged: Talk at the beginning of the year was that a massive budget deficit gave lawmakers a chance to reform how they do things; little reform occurred.

Unsportsmanlike: For the first time in years, there was no serious talk about funding a new sports stadium.

Unacceptable: The governor refused to accept state tax increases; Democrats who control the Legislature refused to do without more taxes.

And the biggest un, unallot: Now, Gov. Tim Pawlenty begins looking at what he can cut from budget bills lawmakers passed, a process known as unallotment.

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