Pawlenty To Cities: How Much Should I Cut?

Gov. Tim Pawlenty

Gov. Tim Pawlenty said small cities will be protected when he cuts spending to balance the state budget, but he wants other cities and counties to say how much state aid they can live without.

Minnesota’s smallest counties and cities may not see a loss in state aid when Pawlenty cuts spending himself, the governor and his staff said Thursday, but other local governments should expect less.

“What (funding) cut level can they take and not complain?” Pawlenty said he will ask local officials and other interest groups. “That’s what we’d like to hear from them.”

Following a meeting with his agency commissioners, Pawlenty said wherever possible his administration will cut spending in the second year of the two-year budget, beginning July 1, 2010. That would allow time for budget work during the 2010 legislative session.

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