Politicians Join Twitter Generation

The Twitter short-message electronic networking system is becoming popular among politicians, many of whom now send tweets.

A recent message from House Majority Leader Tony Sertich, DFL-Chisholm, tweaked politicians who visit Iowa to get presidential support.

"A MN politician in Iowa for all the right reasons … visiting family," he wrote while seeing his wife’s family.

Then there was Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who may soon sent tweets from Iowa himself while running for president: "Wrenched back playing hockey. Thankful for chiropractor. Getting old, but in the spirit of season of Lord Stanley’s Cup, will play hurt."

Rep. Paul Gardner, DFL-Shoreview, isn’t Twittering any more.
During debate on the House floor near the end of the session he used Twitter to question speeches by Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Delano: “Emmer seems to belittle his female colleagues (rage, sarcasm) on the floor more than the men."

And he went after Rep. Mark Buesgens, R-Jordan, who was wearing sunglasses in the House chamber: “Black eye?”

The House Ethics Committee ordered Gardner to apologize to the pair on the House floor.

House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, DFL-Minneapolis, has tweeted while on duty, but also while away from the Capitol. Just hours after a long last day of session, she commented: "Just finished Barton School Spring Concert — and stayed awake."