GOP Candidate Announcements Start

An onslaught of Republican governor candidate announcements begins in the next few days.

State Rep. Marty Seifert of Marshall visits 14 cities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to formally announce he will run. He just left the House minority leader job to seek the governor’s position.

State Sen. Michael Jungbauer of East Bethel announced his intention to run on Facebook, but plans a more traditional announcement soon. State Sen. David Hann of Eden Prairie has filed his paperwork and should announce soon, too.

State Rep. Paul Kohls of Victoria also is running. So is former state Rep. Bill Haas of Champlin.

While many are considering a run, those who appear almost ready to jump into the ring include former State Auditor Pat Anderson, state Rep. Laura Brod of New Prague, state Rep. Tom Emmer of Delano and Charlie Weaver, Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s first chief of staff.

Then there is the big elephant, Norm Coleman. The former U.S. senator plans some announcement soon, but is not saying what he will tell Minnesotans.