WCCO Will Talk To Pogemiller

WCCO radio will talk to the Minnesota Senate’s top Democrat, but makes no promise his party will be given time to rebut Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s radio show.

Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis, plans to meet with Mick Anselmo, WCCO senior vice president.

In a letter to Pogemiller, Anselmo said that the station has a tradition of allowing leaders, listeners and others to voice their opinions.

"We take seriously our responsibility to provide programming that reflects the diverse makeup of our audience, and as such, if there is something you or another representative of the DFL Party can add to the ongoing discussion, we would appreciate the input," he wrote to Pogemiller.

The senator told Anselmo that Pawlenty’s show contains partisan remarks that go unchallenged.

Pogemiller complained to WCCO, but not the other 14 stations that carry Pawlenty’s Friday morning show.