‘A Senate Star Is Born’

Al Franken and friends

A contributor to a prominent political blog proclaims new U.S. Sen. Al Franken is a star.

"A Senate star is born" reads the headline on Doug Kendall’s Huffington Post Web site contribution.

Kendall extensively quotes from a Franken speech of a few days ago supporting Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. He praises the Minnesota Democrat for his criticism of the current court, populated in a large part by Republican presidential appointments.

"This is a court that is willing to reverse itself to limit the rights of individual Americans," Franken said. "This is a court that is more than willing to overturn Congress to achieve its own agenda of what is right."

After listening to the entire Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Sotomayor, Kendall writes, "I can say with confidence that no one made these points as concisely and powerfully as Sen. Al Franken did."

During the hearing, Kendall said, Franken was both thoughtful and funny: "After shutting down his funny-gene for most of his campaign, Franken was laugh-out-loud funny at times in the hearings, stumping Judge Sotomayor with a question about a Perry Mason episode and grabbing an opportunity to briefly assume the chairman’s chair in his first week in the Senate."