Tax And Cut Recommended

Former Gov. Al Quie

A dozen former Minnesota political leaders released a statement today saying that tax increases and spending cuts both are needed to balance the state budget.

Ex-GOP Gov. Al Quie and former DFL House Speaker Martin Sabo (later a congressman) said budget work needs to continue in 2010, even though 2011 is the next time the Legislature is supposed to pass a budget.

Quie pointed out that Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s budget cuts, known as unallotment, mostly come in the second year of the two-year state budget, so lawmawkers next year can make changes.

Quie, Sabo and the 10 others who issued the statement emphasized that the state should follow a strict policy of only spending revenues it has available during the budget cycle, not borrowing money from future budgets.

The statement came after a budget summit of former leaders earlier this month. Pawlenty refused to attend.

At the same time the statement was released, Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller and House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, both Minneapolis Democcrats, announced they will form a new committee to craft recommendations about how to deal with budget problems.

Martin Sabo