Football Bets Placed

Wisconsin and Minnesota governors have not agreed on reviving a system to simplify paying taxes for people who live in one state and work in another, but they agreed to place bets on two football games.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty wagered Hormel pork tenderloins and some wild rice on the University of Minnesota-University of Wisconsin game, to be played in Minneapolis Saturday. Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle put up Usinger’s sausages and Carr Valley cheese.

For the Minnesota Vikings-Green Bay Packers Monday night game, expected to draw a record national audience, the governors bet home-state beers.

Doyle, from a state known for beer, tweaked Pawlenty by saying he was “intrigued by what ‘Minnesota beer’ might be.” The Wisconsin governor also said that “current Packers will be up to the task,” hinting that Brett Favre, former Green Bay quarterback who now leads the Vikings, may not be up to the task.