Kohls Leaves Governor’s Race

State Rep. Paul Kohls today suspended his campaign for governor, the first victim of a crowded field.

The Victoria Republican said that he still thinks he is the best candidate, but that does not appear to be the majority opinion.

"It has become clear to me that the activists are lining up in much greater numbers behind some of the other candidates in the race, and there continues to be speculation about others who may enter the race," Kohls wrote to supporters. "I certainly continue to believe that I’m the strongest Republican to take on the DFL candidate in 2010, but I also believe that this decision belongs to our party’s delegates, not to me."

In an Oct. 3 Republican state convention straw poll, he finished fifth of nine candidates with 5 percent of the vote.

"One of the challenges facing my candidacy from the beginning was that I am not as well known as some of my fellow candidates," he supporters. "I trusted this challenge would be a great opportunity to make a positive first impression on many who are just getting to know me. I am confident that I have succeeded at this and look forward to continuing to build upon these new relationships."