Kohls To Carry Amendment

Minnesota Rep. Paul Kohls, R-Victoria, dropped out of the governor’s race a few days ago, but then got involved in a political controversy when he said he will sponsor a proposal to limit state spending.

Kohls announced that right after Gov. Tim Pawlenty proposed a constitutional amendment to limit state spending to revenues that were collected in the previous two years.

“The Legislature has shown, regardless of who is in the majority, that it cannot control itself when it comes to spending the taxpayers’ money," Kohls said. "I dispute the assertion that limiting spending would mean less money for schools, public safety or other core services of government. We can fund what we need to, we will just have to get serious about setting priorities. "

Top Democrats, including most of the party’s dozen governor candidates, fired off news releases deriding Pawlenty’s plan.

Former State Sen. Steve Kelly is an example: "Tim Pawlenty has once again proved that he is interested in gimmicks, not governing. Pawlenty has specialized in shifts, hiding costs, and calling taxes fees for his entire administration. His newest ploy is simply more of the same – diverting Minnesotans from a real conversation about the challenges that we face."