Quist Running In South Minnesota

Former state Rep. Allen Quist has launched his campaign against U.S. Rep. Tim Walz in southern Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District.

A conservative Republican, Quist said that he will deliver a simple message: "If people like what Congress is doing, they should vote for the incumbent. But if they believe, as I do, that Congress is headed in the wrong direction, then I will be the alternative."

Quist said a primary goal will be to cut government spending. "Just the stimulus bill by itself added over $10,000 of new government debt for every family of four in our nation," he said.

He is a St. Peter-area farmer and recently retired as a Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato instructor.

Walz, a Mankato area Democrat, is expected to seek a third term.
Democrats said the Quist candidacy offers a too right-wing solution.

“The Republicans recruited the perfect ‘party of no’ candidate in Allen Quist," DFL Chairman Brian Melendez said, adding that Quist just will deliver "more heated rhetoric."