Leslie Davis Reveals He Is Happy

Most Minnesotans likely never heard of Leslie Davis, although the frequent candidate is well known to politicos.

Few think he has a chance of winning the 2010 Republican governor nomination, but a news release headline certainly attracted attention: "Davis Reveals That He Is Happy And Optimistic."

The headline at first glance appeared to be reaction to former Sen. Mark Dayton’s comments about his depression and alcoholism. But, no, it apparently has nothing to do with Dayton’s problems.

Davis said that he is "upbeat and optimistic" despite being excluded from several forums and being ignored by the media.

Many think Davis fits better into the Democratic-Farmer-Labor and Green parties due to his environmental background, but he makes a case that he is a pro-business Republican.

For what it is worth, his letterhead declares: "Republic(m)an for governor."