They Agree On One Thing

A Minnesota News Council-League of Women Voters debate with 20 governor candidates produced one point of agreement among most hopefuls: They did not like the format.

The sponsors allowed just one-minute answers to questions, and candidates such as Sen. Tom Bakk of Cook said that was not enough time to discuss any issues.

Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner refused to answer some questions, especially ones that were supposed to be only "yes" or "no" answers, because of the tight time restrictions.

One of the campaign’s most colorful candidates, and one not likely to win, produced some laughs. Minneapolis artist Ole Savior, who runs for some office every two years, promoted building a new Vikings football stadium, while most candidates said there should be no state money given to a stadium.

Savior wore a Viking’s shirt, while most male candidates wore suits and ties.

Independence Party Candidate John T. Uldrich delivered a line no one disputed: "Everyone is going to get a new ‘do out of this economy."