Pay Bulls Bills

Sen. Katie Sieben, DFL-Cottage Grove, and Rep. Phil Sterner, DFL-Rosemount, have introduced bills to pay $10 million past due to the Minnesota National Guard 34th Infantry Division, known as the Red Bulls.

The bills call for the state to send about 2,500 military personnel checks that were due them from serving in the Iraqi war three years ago. Then, when the federal government comes through with the money, it would go to the state.

"The members of the Red Bull Division put their personal and family lives, their jobs and their careers on hold to serve our country," Sieben said. "About one-third of the Red Bull members coming home in July 2007 had no jobs to return to. Withholding their pay after they continued their service during a very bloody time in the Iraq war is a grave injustice."

“These men and women willingly faced hardship, uncertainty and personal sacrifice in order to serve their country,” said Sterner added. “We not only owe them our gratitude, we owe them what they’ve earned.”