Pre-flip-flop Ad Running

A pre-flip-flop advertisement warns state Rep. Marty Seifert of Marshall, a GOP governor candidate, not to change his vote on General Assistance Medical Care.

Seifert and most other Republican representatives voted in favor of the bill to retain GAMC, a program to help the state’s poorest people get health care. The Alliance for a Better Minnesota has an Internet ad saying he needs to stand by that original vote if a veto override attempt comes up.

The organization says that Seifert has supported veterans in the past, and many veterans depend on GAMC.

"Now he’s backtracking from his commitment, showing that scoring political points has taken a front seat to compassion for our veterans as he seeks the Republican endorsement," the alliance’s Joe Davis said.

Rep. Matt Dean, DFL-Dellwood, said as lawmakers left for the week on Friday that all Republicans would stand by the governor’s veto, even though most originally voted for the bill.

Republicans said they voted for the bill thinking it would go to a conference committee, where differences with the governor could be worked out. Instead, senators send the bill directly to the governor.