Emmer To Introduce Himself

Tom, Billy Emmer Conservative political activists know Tom Emmer, but as the Republican candidate for governor he now plans to introduce himself to a wider audience. "This is where it all begins," Emmer shouted to nearly 2,000 Minnesota Republican convention delegates late Friday afternoon, moments after he gained the party’s endorsement. Emmer’s victory over fellow…
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Emmer and son Johnny Few Minnesotans knew Tom Emmer a year ago, but now he will carry the Republican Party banner in the governor’s race. Rep. Marty Seifert conceded at 4:46 p.m., giving Emmer the win. The announcement came after the second ballot gave Emmer a 56-43 percent lead. "Today we begin a journey to…
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Bachmann Excites Convention

Bachmann U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann revved up GOP delegates by saying Democrats "are robbing us of our liberties." Bachmann, a popular conservative spokeswoman, said that government is getting involved in "every aspect of our lives."  

GOP Votes To Keep Taxes

The party that usually calls for smaller taxes handily voted to keep the state income tax. A late Thursday proposal for the party platform called for getting rid of the tax. However, delegates voted overwhelmingly against it. Another delegate voted to eliminate the entire platform so the party could formulate one with "sound economic principles."…
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Emmer Jumps To First-ballot Lead

Emmer Tom Emmer took a solid lead on the first ballot to determine Minnesota’s Republican governor candidate. Emmer drew 53 percent (1,067 votes) to Seifert’s 43 percent (865 votes) after ballots were counted just before 3 p.m. Long-shot candidates and blank ballots accounted for the rest. GOP rules require 60 percent (1,196 votes) to win,…
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