No E-85 Comment

The newest Minnesota lieutenant governor candidate refused to talk about E-85 in her debut.

State Sen. Patricia Torres Ray of Minneapolis became Sen. John Marty’s Democratic running mate recently, but when a reporter delivered what now is a must-ask question about the candidate’s understanding of E-85 ethanol fuel, she refused to answer.

"I promised John and the campaign that we were not going to dive into the issues today," she said, then asked for mercy if she makes a mistake.

"I have some hesitation to talk about how we have really put some questions for people who are running for office and how we treat them when they make mistakes," Torres Ray said.

E-85 is important because Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Judi Dutcher’s 2006 failure to explain the ethanol-gasoline fuel blend began a series of problems that observers say cost her and governor candidate Mike Hatch the election.

Republican candidate Marty Seifert’s running mate earlier this year muffed the E-85 answer, even after Seifert said, "Yes, she knows what E-85 is."