Next: Who Is Running Mate?

State Democratic convention delegates picked the top of the governor’s ticket late Saturday, but now speculation about who Margaret Anderson Kelliher will select as a running mate intensifies.

There were few hints from the Kelliher camp about who she might like to run for lieutenant governor with her, or even the type of person she would prefer.

Rep. Tom Anzelc of northern Minnesota’s Balsam Lake said the Kelliher campaign has talked to him for a month about the prospects.

"I’d be willing to discuss it further," he said as the state Democratic-Farmer-Labor’s state convention neared its end late Saturday.

Anzelc, in the Minnesota House less than four years, said there was no running mate talk with him during the convention.

Ending such talk might be just fine with a fellow Northland lawmaker.

State Sen. Tom Saxhaug of Grand Rapids said that he does not want an Iron Ranger to be pulled out of the Legislature as even some of the junior members are gaining all-important seniority.

Saxhaug himself, for instance, will be due a committee chairmanship when one comes open.

If Kelliher asked for Saxhaug’s advice, he might suggest a male from southwestern Minnesota to help balance Kelliher’s gender and Minneapolis home.

The convention did not take up the running mate debate, leaving that to the DFL State Central Committee next month. The panel is expected to rubber-stamp Kelliher’s decision.