Unallotment Ruling Comments

"The money does not exist to restore the unallotments."
— Gov. Tim Pawlenty

"The Legislature was right."
— Former Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe, DFL-Erskine

"There has not been a contingency plan put in place, which is extremely disappointing. You would think the individuals who brought the lawsuit forward would, one, expect to win and, two, would expect to have a plan in place to address it once they did."
— Rep. Rod Hamilton, R-Mountain Lake

"Minnesotans won today; their government works."
— House Majority Leader Tony Sertich, DFL-Chisholm

“Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher and the House DFL majority went to court and were rewarded with the ruling they desired. They now have a leadership responsibility to solve the budget deficit that the ruling dramatically compounded."
— Senate Minority Leader Dave Senjem, R-Rochester

"Clearly, it’s going to make a conclusion to this session, bumping up against May 17, more difficult."
— Sen. Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook

"I don’t believe this is good news for Minnesota. To me, the statue is clear. If the Legislature is not able to balance the budget the governor has not only the freedom, he has the responsibility to balance the budget through unallotment."
— Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead

"It has made the Legislature back into an equal branch of state government, which I think in the long term is very important for us. Obviously there are going to have to be some negotiations that have to take place. Maybe we will actually have some negotiations from both branches of government and not just from one."
— Rep. Loren Solberg, DFL-Grand Rapids

"Now the onus for balancing the budget lies squarely with Margaret Anderson Kelliher and the big spending Democrat-controlled legislature. Kelliher and the DFL failed to produce a balanced budget last year and now that failure is coming back to haunt the taxpayers of Minnesota."
— Republican Chairman Tony Sutton

“The Supreme Court has rightly rejected the governor’s go-it-alone strategy that has marked his eight years in office. While that approach may have served his presidential ambitions, it has not served the people of our state."
— St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman

"It is unclear what unallotment authority remains in light of this decision."
–Gov. Tim Pawlenty

“Once again, the courts have affirmed that Gov. Pawlenty acted unconstitutionally by walking away from the table and turning his back on the legislature and the people of Minnesota during a challenging budget crisis."
— House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, a governor candidate