House Passes Enhanced Driver’s License

Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed a bill allowing Minnesotans to substitute an enhanced driver’s license for a passport when crossing the Canadian border.

The bill is important to Minnesota residents traveling to Canada for work and for Canadians traveling south to vacation in places like Duluth, said Rep. Roger Reinert, DFL-Duluth, who had authored the bill in the House.

The new driver’s license will cost $15 and will be available at Department of Motor Vehicle locations across Minnesota starting June 1, 2012.

"Right now to cross the border, Minnesotans have to pay $100 for a passport or $45 for a passport card just to cross the border," Reinert said. "That’s choking off economic activity and travel vital to northland communities and businesses.

Sen. Tom Saxhaug, DFL-Grand Rapids, was the Senate author.