GOP Blasts Menze

Republicans have tough words for a man who ran as one of them twice in the 7th Congressional District.

Glen Menze broke a promise to abide by the GOP endorsement for the race when he opted to run as an Independence Party candidate, Republican leaders say. He twice lost to long-time U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, a Democrat.

"Menze broke his pledge to abide by the GOP endorsement and showed his true colors by jumping ship for the Independence Party," state Republican Chairman Tony Sutton said. "Voters in the 7th Congressional District will recognize Menze for the political chameleon that he is."

Added GOP candidate Lee Byberg: "I am sorry to learn that Glen Menze has chosen to go back on his word. … But by doing so, he demonstrates the exact kind of behavior that is responsible for our troubles in Washington."

The district covers most of western Minnesota.