Entenza Riles Mississippi Blogger

A Mississippi political blogger apparently has not been listening to Matt Entenza over the years.

Entenza, now a Minnesota Democratic governor candidate, long has complained that Republican policies are turning his state into a cold Mississippi. And that certainly is not meant as a compliment.

Today, a conservative Mississippi blog known as Majority in Mississippi, takes on liberal Entenza for a television commercial in which he says: "If budget cuts were always the answer, then Mississippi would be a leader in this country."

The Magnolia state blogger, known only as "Robert," did not take to that line.

"Well, Mr. Minnesota man, I am pretty sure that is called fiscal responsibility when you decide to not spend what you do not have," Robert wrote today. "That could possibly be a foreign concept to Mr. Entenza, who of course is a liberal Democrat, thinks you should spend no matter what to give people services."