Dayton, Entenza Ask: Where’s Kelliher?


Minnesota Democratic governor candidates Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza have wondered aloud where Margaret Anderson Kelliher has been.

After a recent education forum they both attended, Dayton said Kelliher has been missing in action from forums. Dayton said he had missed a couple of forums, but he feels it is his obligation to attend all he can.

Entenza still is frustrated that Kelliher has not responded to his request for a series of debates before the Aug. 10 primary election. Dayton jumped at the offer, even though he is leading the race in all public polls and leaders often hesitate to accept debate offers.

In an interview, Kelliher said that she is busy in her campaign, and attends events as time allows. In fact, the day after Dayton complained that Kelliher was not attending candidate forums, she showed up at one.

Kelliher said she is running a campaign targeted at potential primary election voters, not a broader general election-style campaign designed to reach everyone. That means her forum strategy is different than it would be in a general election where many more people vote.