U Of M Hunting For Warmer Home Ideas

The University of Minnesota is leading a study on a topic close to every Minnesotan: how to have a warmer home.

The U.S. Energy Department picked the university to lead a group charged with the job of developing cost-effective ways to reduce home energy use while improving comfort.

NorthernSTAR Energy Efficient Housing Research Partnership Team, as the university-led program is known, will concentrate on building homes in cold climates. Related programs elsewhere in the country will have different focuses.

"The construction, operation and maintenance of our homes use approximately one-quarter of our nation’s total energy consumption," the university’s Pat Huelman said. "This initiative will conduct the research and provide the outreach needed to support a growing energy retrofit industry. The results will be to create new job opportunities that will enhance the performance and value of our nation’s housing stock, save homeowners and renters money, and provide long-term benefits to our environment."