Everyone Is A Farmer At FarmFest

A candidate tradition at FarmFest is to show all possible connections to agriculture.

DFL governor candidate Matt Entenza talked about his forefathers’ farms in the state, but opponent Margaret Anderson Kelliher had a more conversation-invoking line as she greeted farmers: "There never has been a former dairy princess as governor."

GOP governor candidate Tom Emmer was ready. He has heard the criticism that he would not be a good governor for farmers, so he proposed moving all state functions "that touch" agriculture into the Agriculture Department, an agency that is farmer friendly.

Earlier, as soon as he spotted a Forum Communications reporter, he was ready with a list of things that connect him to farming.

Emmer said he baled hay last fall, and doubted other candidates had done that. He said he thinks he has the only offspring who was in 4-H (she is too busy with other activities, so dropped out).

"By the way," Emmer said, "I suck at baling hay."

He admitted he did a better job waiting tables last month in the midst of a controversy over whether tips should be considered wages.