The Toms Begin TV Commercials

The two Toms running for governor have campaign commercials airing after weeks of Democrat-only spots before the primary election.

Republican Tom Emmer focuses on creating jobs in a commercial with his seven children and wife. His kids say he is all about creating jobs (even, so it seems, household tasks for them) and Emmer says that it is time for a new direction.

Horner’s opening commercial begins with a mostly black and white shot of a face, with one red and one blue eye (representing the two major parties). With the eyes facing outward, Horner explains that Democratic and Republican candidates are far on the political left and right, but he is in the middle.

Democratic-Farmer-Laborite Mark Dayton said after the Aug. 10 primary election that he needs to raise money before putting general election commercials up on television.

In the meantime, organizations other than the campaigns continue to launch commercials.