Emmer Has Yet To Ask For Seifert’s Help

Seifert at April GOP convention

Tom Emmer has not asked the man he beat, Marty Seifert, to help out in the governor’s race.

Seifert, a state representative from Marshall, stood on the podium last April, hand in hand with Emmer, and smiled at Republican convention delegates who just picked Emmer as their governor candidate. Seifert delivered a brief talk praising Emmer, then departed.

As he left the Minneapolis Convention Center that night, Seifert and his wife carried a cardboard cutout of the unsuccessful candidate. Emmer left after one television interview, headed to another, waving at folks along the way.

Now, the Emmer campaign chief says he hopes to “utilize” Seifert, who could come in handy in rural Minnesota where he did much better than Emmer in the nomination contest.

In the meantime, Seifert has been returning to private life and has done little in politics. When he has been at a GOP event, he added, “I spoke nicely of him at those things.”