Oberstar-Cravaacke Poll Creates Political Buzz

Just as the political buzz is increasing in northeast Minnesota’s congressional district, long-time U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar is releasing a new television commercial.

In the spot, the Chisholm Democrat features Joyce Fisk, a Harris truck driver, talking about how federal stimulus money put her back to work.

“There was a sense of relief going back to work,” Fisk said. “I’m glad we have Jim Oberstar fighting for jobs and working families here in Minnesota.”

The 8th Congressional District commercial comes when national politicos are talking about polls that appear to show Republican Chip Cravaacke just points behind Oberstar, first elected in 1974 and chairman of the powerful House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The poll has received quite a bit of attention in national blogs, although details about its methodology have not been released. That lack of detail raised suspicion about whether those being surveyed were led into supporting Cravaacke by how the questions were asked.

The GOP pollster’s work is joined by a national Gallup Poll showing Republicans are doing well in an effort to take control of at least one of the branches of Congress.