Pawlenty Tapes Commercial For Emmer

Gov. Tim Pawlenty cannot understand why some news outlets reported that he just endorsed fellow Republican Tom Emmer to replace him.

Pawlenty did that back in April, when Republicans at their state convention endorsed the Delano state representative as their candidate.

A recent statement by Pawlenty was portrayed by some reporters as in initial endorsement. Not, so Pawlenty countered.

And to prove that he supports the GOP hopeful, Republicans released a television commercial in which the current governor talks about Emmer.

Standing outside in front of a tree, a gentle wind blowing the leaves, Pawlenty says:

“Making tough decisions: That’s what being governor is all about. I stood my ground on taxes and now, Minnesota is positioned to lead the nation in job growth.

“Only Tom Emmer has promised not to raise job-killing taxes. Mark Dayton’s plan: raise income taxes. Tom Horner’s plan: expand the sales tax to clothes.

“Only Tom Emmer’s plan will grow jobs by cutting wasteful government spending and holding the line on taxes.”