Candidates Mix It Up On Taxes In Last TV Debate

Emmer, Dayton Tax talk ruled as Minnesota’s governor candidates Friday night engaged in their final televised debate. Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer were the prime combatants as the most recent poll indicated they are locked in a neck-and-neck race, with Tom Horner of the Independence Party far behind. Dayton said that Emmer voted…
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School Funding Joins Politicians On Tuesday Ballot

Voters in 78 Minnesota school districts Tuesday will decide whether to tax themselves to bolster school budgets.

Plots Thicken As Election Draws Near

A governor’s campaign argues a poll it lost is inaccurate, state auditor candidates squabble about being a bully and famed humorist Garrison Keillor tells Democrats that his congressional candidate is more honest than her opponent. It must be nearly election day.

Governor Candidates Go Through ‘job Interview’

Politics aside, Tom Emmer, Tom Horner and Mark Dayton say they are ready to run Minnesota.

LGA, Rural Issues Separate Governor Hopefuls

Minnesota’s three major governor candidates picked up their rural campaigns in recent weeks, after a barrage of Twin Cities debates and fund-raising needs keep them off the farm and out of many communities.