Coalition Plans To Monitor Governor’s Race

A group that calls itself nonpartisan promises to watch a governor’s race recount to provide an objective evaluation.

“Minnesota’s election system is among the best in the nation, but a close election like this one makes it even more important that the system is as transparent and as error-free as possible,” said Laura Fredrick Wang of the Minnesota League of Women Voters. “The presence of non-partisan observers moves us closer to this goal. While the campaigns will be making sure that every vote for their candidate is counted, we will be ensuring that the votes are counted and tallied accurately and fairly. “

Besides the league, Common Cause and Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota will be involved if, as expected, the Mark Dayton-Tom Emmer election contest moves to a recount. The groups did the same during the 2008 U.S. Senate recount.

Republicans and Democrats also are gearing up to monitor the process.

The coalition plans to use more than 150 volunteers to observe the recount.

As of today, Democrat Dayton leads Republican Emmer by 8,755 votes out of 2.1 million cast.

Counties have done their own limited examination of returns already, but it appears that a statewide recount of every ballot will be required. That officially will be determined on Nov. 23 by the State Canvassing Board.

If a recount does occur, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie plans to have it completed by Dec. 14. However, the losing candidate could challenge the outcome in court; if that happens, it could be months before a governor is ready to take office.

The state constitution requires Gov. Tim Pawlenty to continue in office if no governor is certified before he is to leave on Jan. 3.