Dayton Supporters Out-volunteer Emmer In Recount

More than 3,000 Minnesotans volunteered to help the two governor candidates during the statewide recount, with Democrat Mark Dayton getting by far more people than Republican Tom Emmer.

Minnesota GOP Chairman Tony Sutton, whose party is running the Emmer recount effort, said there was a reason his candidate was outmanned.

“Our people work for a living,” Sutton said. “Our people have to take off work to do these things.”

But when Dayton recount director Ken Martin was asked, he said the same is true for Dayton volunteers, with most taking vacation days from work. In talking to volunteers, Dayton himself mentioned a teacher who took all three of her personal days off to aid in the recount.

Sutton said that the Dayton camp can afford more help. “Those guys have a ton of money.”

Martin said that although Dayton had raised more than $1 million for the recount, it is becoming tough to find more. “People are tapped out.”

On the recount’s first day alone, Martin said, more than 2,000 Dayton volunteers were in place. Emmer had about 600, Sutton said.