Dayton And The Dogs To Share Governor’s Residence

Gov.-elect Mark Dayton says he will live in the official governor’s residence with his 8-year-old German shepherds Dakota and Mesabi.

Govs. Tim Pawlenty and Jesse Ventura split their time between their other homes and the residence (not officially called a “mansion”) in an affluent part of St. Paul not far from the Capitol.

Dayton leaves no doubt that his dogs are important to him, and as he prepares to become governor he also is dealing with Dakota’s cancer.

When Dayton and Pawlenty appeared together at a news conference, the current governor said he was thankful Dayton was not taking his dogs with him on a tour of the residence, saying his smaller dog would be threatened.

Dayton responded by saying that his two dogs would be better for the Pawlenty pooch than the boa constrictor his sons used to own.

The Daytons bought frozen rats to feed the snake, Dayton said while he was U.S. senator. At one point, he said, they tried using a microwave oven to thaw the rodents.

Dayton’s advice: Don’t do that because rats can explode in a microwave. ‘Nuff said.