Dayton, NFL Commissioner To Meet Monday

Minnesota Gov-elect Mark Dayton plans to meet with the National Football League commissioner Monday.

Commissioner Roger Goodell requested the meeting, Dayton’s spokeswoman said. The meeting will come when Goodell prepares to attend the Vikings-Chicago Bears Monday night game, to be held on the University of Minnesota football field after the Metrodome roof collapsed.

A new stadium likely will be the primary topic for the two men.

“I went to the first Minnesota Vikings football game 50 years ago, and I hope that my grandchildren will be able to go to Vikings games in Minnesota 50 years from now,” Dayton said. “However, as I said throughout my campaign, any new stadium must first benefit the people of Minnesota.”

If taxes and other benefits from a new stadium exceed the cost to build it, the Democrat added, “then it is a good deal for the people of Minnesota and I will support it. I will also insist that no general revenue funds be used for building any new stadium.”

The Vikings have said they will not play in the Metrodome after next season.