Dayton Sets Landmark Inaugural, Blue Jean Ball

Mark Dayton will take the oath of office at noon Monday, Jan. 3, in St. Paul’s Landmark Center.

Voter Group Plans To Push For Photo ID

The president of a conservative organization promises to battle for requiring a photo identification card before Minnesotans can vote.

This Is Not Just Another 2010 Metrodome Story

“Out of the windows of the high-rise office buildings facing the southeastern corner of Minneapolis, wide-eyed dwellers witnessed an even more harrowing sight. … The stadium’s dome was undeniably, uncontrollably, unmercifully, sinking.”

Zellers Goes Three Deep For Committee Chairman

Rep. Morrie Lanning of Moorhead is House speaker-designate Kurt Zellers’ third choice to be House State Government Finance Committee chairman

House Releases Committee List For 2011-12

The Minnesota House has released a list of who sits on its committees for the next two years.