Minnesota Economy Affected By Oil

Oil makes predicting the economic future a slippery proposition.

Dayton Reacts To News: No Income Tax Surcharge, More Health Money

Minnesota’s new budget deficit will be about $5 billion, down from $6.2 billion, but there are so many unanswered economic questions that the budget also could end up in worse shape.

Minnesota Budget Gets $1.2 Billion In Good News

Minnesota’s new budget deficit reportedly will be about $5 billion, down from $6.2 billion.

Minnesota Restricts Walnut Tree Imports

Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson has restricted the import of walnut trees and some related products from areas infested with thousand cankers disease.

Political Attention Set To Focus On Federal Budget

Attention will switch to Washington in the next few days as the Republican-controlled House tries to work with the Democratic Senate and White House to pass another stop-gap budget measure to keep the federal government functioning a few more weeks.