Morris Student Tells Rally Higher Ed Budget Not All About Money

University of Minnesota Morris student Josh Preston told a Capitol rally that the higher education funding debate has gone beyond just money.

“We have reached a point in the history of our life as a university, and as a state, that when it comes to budgets we are no longer addressing issues of finance: We are addressing one of our values, priorities, morals,” he told hundreds of students in the Capitol rotunda.

Preston said that despite Morris’ good education and research reputation, it faces problems.

“As a community of students, faculty and staff we have our share of concerns, concerns that include the fact that Morris professors make significantly less than on average than those of the Twin Cities, less than even Crookston,” he said. “How are we able to, as a research facility, going to be able to continue leading the state forward when we can’t even pay our best thinkers the salaries they deserve?”

The Morris student also complained about “intellectually lazy, political bait-and-switch” tactic of imposing tuition caps that lawmakers favor because it helps then get re-elected.