Dayton Cabinet Diverse, But GOP Senators Question Some Commissioners

Gov. Mark Dayton’s Cabinet may be the most diverse in Minnesota history, but it still is dominated by white males. It also may be one of the least partisan, but Senate Republicans who must confirm commissioners cast a wary eye on some appointments. And Twin Cities residents are a majority on the 25-member Cabinet, but at least 10 bring strong greater Minnesota connections.

Morris Student Tells Rally Higher Ed Budget Not All About Money

University of Minnesota Morris student Josh Preston told a Capitol rally that the higher education funding debate has gone beyond just money.

Secretary Vilsack Gives Dayton Reform Advice

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton met with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, a former Iowa governor, and came away with what he considered good advice.

Rep. Kriesel’s Buddy Is There For Him Again

Todd Everson was there on John Kriesel’s worst day, so it was only appropriate that he sat behind the freshmen legislator on one of his best days.

House Votes To Outlaw Synthetic Marijuana

The Minnesota House overwhelmingly voted Thursday to put a stop to “a new phenomenon” that law enforcement officials call dangerous.