Putting State Job Cuts Into Perspective…

Gov. Mark Dayton says the Republican-written budget plan he vetoed would have eliminated 11,000 state jobs.

Commissioners Turn Attention To Shutdown Planning

State leaders are going beyond dusting off old reports and actually are making plans just in case there is no new budget when money runs out July 1.

Dayton Takes Down Republican Bills

Political sparring around the Minnesota Capitol intensified Wednesday, two days after the Legislature adjourned, as Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed bills close to Republican hearts.

Commissioners Told To Begin Shutdown Preparations

Minnesota state commissioners received marching orders this morning to prepare for a state government shutdown on July 1.

Dayton Marriage Amendment Veto Will Not Stop Public Vote

Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed what he called a “mean-spirited, divisive, unMinnesotan” proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage, but his action will not stop the public from voting on it next year.