Lynx Basketball Team Earns Minnesota Support, Dayton Says

The Minnesota Lynx women’s professional basketball team is like politicians, in one sense, Gov. Mark Dayton says.

“In my opinion, professional sports teams, like politicians, don’t ‘deserve’ the public’s support; they have to earn it,” Dayton wrote on his Facebook past following the team’s opening-round playoff victory.

Dayton, who unlike many other high-level politicians writes his own Facebook entries, sounded downright enthused after the game.

“It showcased the exceptional athleticism, determination and poise of these very talented women,” he said, adding that it was “wonderful” to see so many young girls at the games.

“I encourage all basketball fans, believers in women’s sports, and anyone else looking for an exciting evening to give the team our enthusiastic support, as they play for the championship,” Dayton said of the state’s only professional team doing well.