Bachmann Takes Time To Answer Questions In Iowa

The old Michele Bachmann is back, and in a Monday Iowa appearance she even took time to answer questions from the public and reporters.

So says Kathie Obradovich, The Des Moines Register’s political columnist.

“She engaged voters in a way I haven’t seen since before the Iowa Straw Poll,” the columnist wrote about the presidential candidate’s Cedar Rapids appearance.

Bachmann was more than 20 minutes late, but Obradovich added that “almost counts as punctual for Bachmann.”

The Republican Minnesota congresswoman answered questions from the public, something she seldom did during earlier appearances. Taking questions from reporters also was rare. Both brought her criticism from the media and her own supporters.

“That’s not what Iowa voters consider a grassroots campaign, and Bachmann has apparently received the message,” Obradovich wrote. “Her Cedar Rapids event was a return to the basics.”

In Iowa, home of the country’s first presidential caucuses, voters expect candidates to be available for one-on-one talks and when in groups they expect still to be able to interact with presidential hopefuls. Some had said Bachmann appeared aloof in her home state.